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MGI 360™ Rating

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MGI 360 Research Raised Rating for BillingPlatform


MGI Research recently released an updated ratings report for Agile Monetization Platform vendors. MGI 360 Ratings is a comprehensive system for evaluating technology companies helping clients identify opportunities for reducing IT costs and minimize technology risks. Business, Finance and IT leaders use MGI 360 to track suppliers, assess purchasing risks and identify promising new vendors. 

We are thrilled that MGI recognized all the hard work and progress that BillingPlatform made in 2019 by raising BillingPlatform's rating to 59. MGI also increased BillingPlatform’s score in four of the report's five categories, including product, management, channel and strategy. The report cites "winning large global competitive deals and converting these wins into live implementations" as key reasons for the rating increase.

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  • Finance

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